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Need a trusted advisor? We’re here to help!

Business friendly, approachable and experienced.

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(EU and UK data protection advice - Non-Regulated SRA services)


Proven Success

Let’s face it, data protection training can be dull. That’s why we offer plain English, interesting and informative webinars of the topic of your choice.


All of our webinars are live

(with a recorded copy provided to you after) and the content is tailored to the interests of the relevant audience.


English - Spanish - German

It takes much more than a dictionary to be a good translator. Our translator services offer quality translations carried out by experts with knowledge of the topic subject to translation and cultural awareness.


We are committed to ensure the content switches safely and faithfully between languages and context.


Our team specializes in translating for the legal, business, media, entertainment and travel sectors. We offer English/Spanish/German translation services.

Our external data protection officer (“DPO”) service offers:


● a plain English trusted advisor, who will get to know your business and help you not only be compliant, but also help you monetize your data;

● a pragmatic, business friendly senior expert with a junior support team (when necessary);

● a fixed monthly price, with flexibility for scaling and tops ups when required;

● the security that comes from an external senior expert.

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