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(EU and UK data protection advice -

Non-Regulated SRA services)

Our external data protection officer (“DPO”) service offers:


● a plain English trusted advisor, who will get to know your business and help you not only be compliant, but also help you monetize your data;

● a pragmatic, business friendly senior expert with a junior support team (when necessary);

● a fixed monthly price, with flexibility for scaling and tops ups when required;

● the security that comes from an external senior expert.


Multilingual international privacy expert (ex-partner at Kemp Little - now Deloitte Legal). Marta specialises in all areas of data protection and privacy. Her deep sector knowledge and a decade of international experience allows her to work with pan-European and global businesses to achieve compliance. Her interests include AI and privacy issues in the health and health-tech sectors as well as in media and travel.


Marta regularly contributes to professional publications on a variety of privacy and data protection topics, including AI, health and health-tech, children protection, cybersecurity, travel, etc. She is also a regular speaker at sector specialist events as well as client and SCL events.


Marta is a UK and Spanish qualified lawyer, and is bilingual in English and Spanish as well as fluent in French.

Global DP strategic advice

We provide pragmatic protection advice under GDPR, UK GDPR and Spanish DP law. As well as giving your business strategic advice, we can also create and review all DP policies, carry out Data protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs); International transfer assessments (“TIAs”); Legitimate Interest Assessments (LIAs) and create and file Binding Corporate Rules (“BCRs”).

Data protection Audits

We can help create the audit process; give you strategic audit advice; and carry out a forensic review with the assistance of a third party partner.

DSAR Management

We can help you create the DSAR process; give strategic DSAR advice; and carry out the high volume review with the help of a third party partner (paralegal teams) under my supervision.

Data protection due diligence and risk evaluation


If you’re thinking of buying data assets, we can assist in helping you determine the state they’re in and if the risks you are taking on board. If you’re thinking of selling, we can help you get your compliance ready for a smooth transaction.

Cyber strategy and remediation

We can help you create or update your cyber policies; implement procedures (including carrying out tabletop exercises with your team so they know what to do in the event of a breach); carry out any post breach legal remediation work; and give strategic advice in the event of a breach (including notifying the regulator).

Secondments, maternity and sick leave covers


If your inhouse DP expert needs to be away and you need a safe pair of hands, we can seamlessly take over until they’re back.

Services for new businesses & startups

Starting a business is hard work - we should know - after many years talking the talk, we’re walking the walk. That’s why we offer my DP basics to startups and new businesses, so you can make data work for you. We offer expert advice at small business friendly prices. Whether you’re trying to grow your business, obtain a round of investment or preparing to sell to a big player, we will help you stay compliant and gain user trust.

Services for charities

We want to help you with important work you do. We believe data is key to achieve that goal and understand the budgetary constraints of the charity sector. That’s why we offer my DP basics to charities, so you can make data work for you and help you stay compliant and gain user trust.

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